Home Inspections

  • Roof

    Condition of shingles on the roof whether there are signs of cracking or pitting due to age. Any signs of staining or leaking around chimney's or valleys. Stains on roof sheathing due to moisture or rafters or trusses in the attic, insulation levels and venting provisions.

  • Exterior

    Dents in siding or any signs of decay at lower edge. Any areas that need to be caulked or painted to prevent problems. General maintenance on windows and doors. Grading provisions to divert water way from structure. Gutters and extensions are in place. Constructions of decks and railing for safety. All stairs and stoop to have sufficient hand rails.

  • Concrete Work

    Checks for cracks in concrete and signs of any settling. Areas that might be pitted or face lifting due to salt off cars in the winter.

  • Interior Elements

    Window and door operations, cracks and chips in plaster, squeaks in floors due to age. Railings and spindles that are the proper height and spacing for safety. Smoke detectors are checked to assure proper operations.

  • Kitchens and Baths

    Check for leaks at faucet's or traps under sinks. Cuts in floor or counter tops, chips in sinks, toilet and bath tubs. Water pressure at fixtures. If areas are protected with the GFCI outlets.

  • Electrical

    Whether panel is at capacity or there is room for expansion. If there are circuit taps observed in panel. Whether there are plates and covers missing on outlets, switches or junction boxes.

  • Cooling Unit

    Kept clean at exterior on outside unit. That the unit is cooling properly or needs maintenance.

  • Heating Unit

    Check heat exchanger, blower, burners, for proper operation. Show client where filters need to be changed as maintenance item. Check all units such as furnace, water heater, dryer or any signs of gas leaks.

  • Fireplace

    Check fire box for cracks or splits. Damper operation, creosote cleaning. Check gas ignites if pilot is lit.

  • Substructure

    Check floor framing, beams, jack post, or columns. Cracks in foundation walls, sump pump, floor drains, signs of water penetr4ation at base of walls and how to correct finish materials for decay at base. Proper railing on stairs for children.

  • Plumbing

    Water piping, drain and vent piping fixture drainage, look for leaking or stains under fixtures in basement. Improper drain hookups to sewer line water shutoffs from street.

  • Water Heater

    Vent piping whether there are signs of rust at lower edges of unit, has proper discharge piping, show client to how to flush unit to extend life expectancy. Check temperatures on water lines.

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