Commercial Building Inspections

The purpose of a Commercial Inspection is to determine the current condition of a building and any  improvements to that parcel of commercial real estate, by performing a walk through survey and conducting  research. The goal is to identify and communicate physical deficiencies to the user/buyer. The term physical deficiencies means, the presence of defects or material deferred maintenance of a subject property’s material systems, components, or equipment observed during the inspector’s walk through survey.

The Commercial Inspection includes the following:

* Site, Grounds, Parking, Grading, Landscaping
* Exterior, Siding, Foundation
* Roof
* Electrical
* Plumbing, Fuel Systems
* Water Heater(s)
* Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
* Restrooms
* Offices, Interior rooms, Windows, Doors
* Loading Docks

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