Foundation Inspections

Whether a house is built over a FULL BASEMENT, over a CRAWL SPACE, or on a CONCRETE SLAB, it requires a foundation system capable of supporting its weight and distributing that weight evenly to the soil below. In addition, a foundation must be able to withstand the lateral (sideways) forces of soil pushing against it without allowing cracks and leaks to form. The foundation also provides a firm anchor for the building above.

At Gilson Home and Building Inspections LLC, we believe in working with the top local contractors who are building the foundations, also the top companies repairing damaged, or foundations that have failed. By working with the best of the best in the foundation fields, we feel we can provide home sellers and home buyers with a confident and accurate report of their foundation. 

We have the training and experience to inspect all types of foundations which include:

* Poured Walls
* Block Walls
* Stone Walls
* Full Basements
* Crawl Spaces and Ventilation of Crawl Spaces
* Slab on Grade
* Proper Grading of Yard to Prevent Foundation Failure
* Retaining Walls
* Support Beams and Supports Columns

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